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ElboCanada Engineering

ElboCanada is a Civil and Architectural engineering design firm offering services in Design , Construction and Engineering Training .Our projects include commercial, residential, oil and gas, and public utility projects

We produce full architectural and structural design packages including structural modeling , shop detailing, design calculations, and consultants. We provide courses in Blast design , structural Dynamics and others .We also offer training for Junior and senior engineers for use of engineering software including 3D CAD and variety of structural software .

ElboCanada has been practicing Structural Engineering since 1992. We use current technological advances and engineering techniques to develop the solution that best meets each clients needs. While maintaining a program of consistent design, graphics and specifications, we focus on providing efficient and effective engineering services.

Our worldwide experience in North America and the Middle East will enable us to add some important enhancements and features to the currently used engineering standards and specifications.

Our future plan is to expand our services to include full engineering design services, involving different engineering disciplines and to provide construction, maintenance and engineering procurement services in North America and international countries.